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Imagine the sun shining down upon clouds that blanket the planet. The clouds represent ‘conditioning’ and the sun - the ONE SELF You Really Are. The sun identifies with the clouds as a few rays penetrate to the earth below. The ‘conditioning’ clouds represent the ‘architect’ and the ‘manifestation’ of the world or Grand Dream. The sun believes that that tiny, limited world ‘is’ real. This is the current state for most of humanity. But where did the conditioning clouds originate?

The ’seeding’ of the clouds arose through the ‘belief’ in separation. Without this separation belief the manifestation of the illusion of the Grand Dream-world would be impossible since a ‘from here to there’ phenomena results when separation seems to be a possibility. This was NOT a mistake … it was the way in which the SELF could Know and savor IT SELF … within the illusion of manifestation.

The entire world-universe-illusion is ITs avatar and IT experiences IT SELF ‘through’ every ‘thing’ and ‘experience’ within that illusion. When IT becomes satiated with the illusion IT turns ITs attention ‘inward’ and remembers that IT ‘is’ the sun/SELF and soon that attention becomes Awareness of that Truth.

-image by Solveig Larsen

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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