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“The entire Universe is condensed in the body, and the entire body in the Heart.

Thus, the Heart is the nucleus of the whole Universe” – Ramana

The false self ‘always’ looks outward ‘at’ the universe/world it believes is reality. In this regard the concept of consciously experiencing ‘ALL’ as YOU or the SELF is impossible … everything is playing out in time and space where separation ‘seems’ to be totally validated in a ‘from here to there’ backdrop. This makes the concept of ONE-ness no more than a fantasy to most and if accepted at all … only as an intellectual idea.

The Grand Dream is a projection [illusion] on the screen of Consciousness [the SELF], which Consciousness then inhabits to experience IT SELF. Looking at this projection first as the universe then encapsulating it down to the image of the Heart – allows the vastness of this dream landscape to become manageable to the mind [“… the universe in a grain of sand …”]. Then seeing the Heart as the I AM Presence [the SELF] … transforms what is projected back into Consciousness, which is also known as LOVE. This is a ‘way’ to ‘embrace’ All That Is as ONE … as YOU. The sense of ONE-ness then expands, and separation withdraws and the dream along with it. While this is temporary, since conditioning still must be dissolved, it allows that pathless-path to become more easily accessible.


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