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The Truth cannot be described or confined in any way … it can only be experienced as Who You Really Are. The simplest way to see ‘through’ the dream is to constantly observe ‘who you are NOT’. Here are some examples:

-Using spirituality to make the body-mind-identity [person] more comfortable. Truth is extremely ‘uncomfortable’ for the ‘false self’ to approach. This is why it is often called … “Standing in the fire of who you are NOT”.

-Attempting to analyse the universe/world and thereby ‘figure out’ Truth. Truth cannot be dissected ... IT is Emptiness and ‘springs’ into Knowing when required … effortlessly. Many Realized ones had absolutely no education.

-Searching for happiness ‘outside’. You Are Joy IT SELF Now, and never NOT Joy.

-Attempting to ‘fix the world or others’ is trying to ‘change an illusion’. This does not mean you ‘agree’ with the dream or that you do not offer compassion whenever and wherever you ‘feel’ for it.

-If there is a separate ‘me’ in your interactions with the world, you are dreaming. Separation is the foundation of the Grand Dream. Wherever you see anything as ‘outside’ YOU, you are dreaming. YOU are ONE, beyond all possibility of objectification. The SELF sees ALL ‘as’ IT SELF.

-All attempts at self improvement are dreams. The false self does not exist and can therefore NOT be improved and YOU [the SELF] is already Perfect.


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