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Self esteem is a function of the false self and as such is changeable having many layers. The ONE SELF has ‘no’ levels ... IT is constant and does not change. IT does not ‘have’ worthiness - IT ‘is’ ‘worthiness’ IT SELF. Much attention has been placed on ‘increasing’ self esteem [self worth] and while this ‘is’ a fools mission it does have value within the dream that is now waking deep sleepers ‘from’ the dream.

Unworthiness is at the very foundation of the effects brought on by the original Fall of Consciousness as IT took on form and the illusion of separation, which gave IT/US the feeling we were somehow ‘caste out of’ Heaven [Full Awareness of the SELF]. From there arose guilt, shame and remorse and the conditioning of attachments, expectations and identities that manifested the false-self-identity most still believe they are.

The pathless-path back to full Awareness of the ONE SELF is [in a way] aided by a temporary phase where the false self is ‘puffed-up’ believing it can be ‘special’ in many ways. At some point this fails to satisfy and that frustration brings each one to the edge of the cliff of Surrender and Self Inquiry where True ‘worthiness’ is re-discovered.

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