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“I, of myself, am nothing” were the words of our great brother 2,000 years ago. “I die each day” was also spoken by St. Paul. This is the recognition of the True SELF. They were speaking about the ‘desolation’ of the non-existent identity known as the ‘I’ [or false self], which is accepted without question by most of humanity. Herein lies the principal cause of its dysfunction, its suffering and its chaotic existence. Its entire ‘seeming’ presence is based on a litany of learned behaviour called conditioning, which acts like a lens through which this dysfunction is continually magnified and manifested into its experience. Left to its own devices this ‘I’ – identity causes all manner of disharmony and then ceaselessly seeks to balance what cannot be balanced due to its own ‘conditioned’ make-up. It is like a thief pretending to be a detective looking for the thief that it is and unaware of both.

It is in the nature of ‘Self Inquiry’ to expose this imposter so that as the identifications it wraps itself in have been questioned, this ‘I’ will sink back into the Heart and ‘die’ or return to the nothing-ness from which it arose. This state is often referred to as Self Realization and is far easier than most ancient teachings suggest. It simply requires a NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free and a constant vigilance to continually ask ‘to whom’ the illusionary-objectified-world is reflecting its ‘dreams’ to … but nothing more than this is required.

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