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Self Inquiry is the direct route to Self Realization because it ‘compels’ the false-self-body-mind-identity to withdraw back into the SELF where it dissolves. Vigilance ‘is’ required, and this arises only through the NO MATTER WHAT surrender to Truth or Freedom. There are other spiritual modalities such as meditation that can bring one to a ‘temporary’ experience of the SELF but when one departs from the practice the influence of the Grand Dream impinges upon them again.

Permanent SELF Knowing ‘only’ exists when the ‘personal identity’ is no more. However, it could be said that the consistent exercise of the ‘Who am I’ of Self Inquiry ‘is’ a form of meditation, which becomes an almost automatic experience as you are triggered by various thoughts [whether so called negative ‘or’ positive]. This is not a ‘scheduled practice’ such as many forms of meditation may be but an ongoing and unbroken response to thoughts that gain your attention in your moment to moment life experience.

It is thought that forms mind and mind that forms the illusory person occupying a body. When this usurper of Truth has been dissolved, Pure Conscious Awareness animates the body and its activities totally … always in Perfect Harmony, gliding easily through the many challenges and obstacles of the Grand Dream.

“Be aware that the SELF ‘is’ the Real meditator” – Ramana

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