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Self judgment goes on constantly while the God-SELF sleeps to the Truth of Who It Really Is.

“I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not smart enough, I never know what to say to fit in, I’m too shy, I have done and said horrible things, I’m so stupid” … hundreds of such thoughts simmer just below the radar of awareness every day for most people, carving their life experience into compartments of endless anxiety, suffering and poor self worth – a self that doesn’t even exist but which seems ‘very real’ while the body-mind-identity prevails as who you believe you are.

Never is there such deep judgment of self going on as when the inner work becomes your central focus. As the Light of Truth expands IT shines upon the multitude of conditioning [attachments, expectations, identifications and memories] that has defined your identity, and this is like entering a sewer as the rubbish of eons flood up and out into your awareness.

This is why you hear so much about ‘healing’ and ‘forgiveness’ in spiritual circles. But you are not and have never been ‘sick’ because this false self ‘is’ FALSE … ‘is’ NOT Who You Are. It is at this point you must OBSERVE what is ‘coming up and leaving’ with deep Compassion, recognizing that these are simply clouds that have hidden the Sun of Truth that You Are, now transforming back into nothing-ness.

The God-SELF that You Are has ‘never’ DONE anything wrong and none of what comes up to be dissolved ‘is’ Real. The REAL YOU is being ‘revealed’ as the illusion of the false self is exposed. As this occurs SELF LOVE becomes your normal state, and soon this will be recognized as LOVE of ALL THAT IS.

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