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"There is no such thing as a Realized 'person'. When there ‘is’ NO person, the SELF is Realized." – Papaji

“Soul, mind or ego [false self] are mere words. There are no such entities. Consciousness [the SELF] is the 'only' Truth" – Ramana

A person [body-mind-identity … ego or soul] is a fiction. It does NOT evolve toward something called Realization … since it does NOT exist. What is not ‘real’ cannot ‘become’ somehow ‘better’. Many practices and disciplines are oriented toward this impossible state of Awareness. The only ‘real’ value they have is to bring ‘Attention’ into one-pointed-ness where ‘focus’ is placed on Truth [the SELF] … only.

This is the long route HOME – very long. Complete ‘Surrender’ [Thy will be done – NO MATTER WHAT] and/or Self Inquiry are the ‘direct route’ to Self Realization. This is NOT a path, which suggests time and space and thereby fosters separation ‘from’ ONE-ness or the SELF. They are a NOW oriented Attention on who you are ‘NOT’ … a person manifested out of conditioning.

This is the Simple Truth ‘pointed to’ by every genuine sage throughout recorded history but as yet, heard by only a ‘minute’ few. NOW, during the Great Shift that is unfolding … many will hear.


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