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When you read or hear the words that come from this source, they are the words of ‘Realization’ because that one [Who is ME as SELF] ‘knows’ they are the ONE SELF. You also [all] are Self Realized and have ‘never’ NOT been. There ‘is’ nothing but the ONE SELF or Consciousness on whose screen all that ‘seems-to-be’ is projected.

Every so-called human being, every animal, fish, bird and insect, every growing thing, the air, the water, the planet, the solar system, the universe, every so-called dimension … are ALL ‘projections’ along with the drama/stories playing out by and in each. Because these projections emanate from the ONE SELF there ‘is’ a temporary real-ness about them but essentially, anything that has a beginning and an ending is NOT Real … including this identity you call ‘me’.

You Are this ONE SELF as AM I … you have just forgotten this. We are not ONE ‘together’, we are simply ONE. There is no You and God or SELF … there ‘is only’ SELF. A vigilant focused attention on this simple Truth will return you to this constant Awareness in each moment … as it has with mine. No special-ness, no magic, no miracle, no complicated practices or disciplines … just this ONE focus on ONE is all that is required.

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