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So pervasive is the dream-world that it is rarely ‘deeply’ questioned with much more than: “What is the meaning of life”. The endless field of ‘contrasts’ seems totally normal to the sleeping masses of humanity. Dark-light, male-female, good-evil, happiness-sorrow and on and on, a universe of ‘opposites’ playing against each other in a vein attempt to find ‘balance’ … the dream version of ONE-ness. However, the Great Illusion can never be ‘reconciled’. Attempts can be made to place it in a tangible box called science or an intangible box called religion, but as the illusion it is, it is constantly morphing into something else.

Eventually the separated false self discovers that it can ‘influence’ the dream through its ‘thoughts’ … what it calls: “creating your own reality”. However, these manifestations have nothing to do with Reality, which is ONE - Empty - Perfect Joy and Love. Even these so-called creations, no matter how grandiose, are ‘all’ aspects of your ‘pre-destination’ based on the conditioning you came in with. The one Purpose this Great Deception has [the answer to that one ‘deep’ question everyone eventually asks while dreaming], is to Awaken you to the ONE SELF You Really Are … all else is merely phantoms dancing with shadows.

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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