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“Show me God” is a question most eventually ask.

The Attention given ‘to’ the world-dream will always reflect ‘contrasts’ of an infinite range between so-called good and bad. This immerses the personal self called ‘me’ [the false self] deeper and deeper ‘into’ the dream, watching the dancing shadows thrown by the Light of Truth upon the fabric of time and space [both illusions] - missing the Heart of Truth within.

However, when Attention is ‘turned within’ regarding ‘any’ experience, it automatically ‘traces’ the ‘essence’ of the reflection ‘back’ to its Source [the ONE SELF or God] and YOU that ‘is’ this Source ‘knows’ IT SELF. When this becomes your ‘normal’ way of experiencing the dream-world, the personal ‘I’ or ‘me’ dissolves back into the ONE SELF.

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