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Silence is Who You Really Are. This is not the absence of sound, although that is certainly often the way IT may be experienced [partially]. One who dwells ‘always as’ the SELF [ONE - God - Consciousness - Silence] is often found ‘in/as’ Silence. They do not socialize and yet may be found [for some often] ‘in’ society when called to … but they do not seek it out. Whatever their needs may be to maintain the body [great or small] … just shows up in the moment.

The influence of Silence [Truth] is far greater than words [thought or spoken] and actions. IT dissolves imbalance in whatever way IT shows up. The degree to which one is ‘open’ to Truth [Freedom], determines what influence IT will have. In some rare instances IT is so profound as to bring one over the bridge of dreams into Freedom spontaneously.

A state of readiness certainly has been there in these blessed cases, usually preceded by much inner work. Notwithstanding, to be in the Presence of Silence will touch one in the precise way that is Perfect for their highest good in the moment.


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