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Silence Always IS

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

-John McIntosh

Pure Conscious Awareness is Who You Are. This is the Silence so often spoken of. It is the ‘Knowing’ in the Moment of need that transcends hope, belief, faith and trust that are tied to doubt. In the roaring cacophony of everyday life, Silence ‘is’. 

Being in Still Silence does not require a yoga position surrounded in a quite spiritual environment. As beautiful as this setting may be, it is still a ‘prop’ on the stage of dreams well beneath the simplicity of the Presence of Awareness that exists everywhere, every-when … as ‘nothing’ beyond the illusion of time and space. 


At a traffic light, on a coffee break, on the train ride home, during a tv commercial you have muted, while washing dishes or making a bed … this Awareness can be slipped into gently, stepping out of the projections on the screen and returning to the un-painted screen IT SELF as Who You Really Are. 

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