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As one’s conditioning [expectations, attachments and identifications to tied to memory (past) and imagination (future)] fades, so too do the illusion of the world-universe-dream. What attracted once, dissolves along with the illusory concept of a personal identity. You ‘see’ the body and continue to experience the various functions it goes through as it navigates the dream, but identification with it becomes less and less tangible. It is an instrument more and a person less. Spiritual talk that speaks of Freedom in the future [most of it] loses its appeal. The company of ‘others’ [there are no others] who live in the mind, also thins and more and more so-called ‘time’ is spent in solitude. This is not a quest … it simply happens.

Those who resonate with this awareness show up spontaneously along with those who are at crossroads of various kinds … often, just for a moment, perhaps unaware of the influence the expanded Light that emanates from YOU is having, yet affected nonetheless. This does not make you special … only ‘useful’ - a blessing to all who still linger in the dream.



BOOKS by John McIntosh

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