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Updated: Nov 21, 2019


The mind [the false-self-body-mind-identity most call ‘me’] has all manner of solutions for the chaos, conflict and discord that blankets the world and has since the fall of the consciousness Awareness of Truth. Some of these solutions are found in psychology, psychiatry, politics, philosophy, religion, medicine, education, social structures and more. While these ‘answers’ do ‘seem’ practical, down-to-earth, pragmatic and essential … they are all oriented to the Grand Dream, to somehow make circumstances better ‘within an illusion’, but they do NOT address the underlying conditioning that generates the lack of harmony that first manifests then defines the dream.

The foundation of ALL conditioning is the belief in separation, and this occurs only when one does NOT Know Who They Really Are. The simple solution to this ‘is’ to find this one essential KEY to Peace … it is the solution to end the ‘need’ for all solutions. When you ‘Know’ [not just believe] but Know Who You Really Are, conflict is NOT possible since Balance and Harmony are also names for YOU. You may experience discord but easily navigate effortlessly around these illusory situations. When there is no conditioning, nothing ‘sticks’ that can cause discord. The only Purpose each one has until it occurs ‘is’ this SELF Knowing or SELF Realization … all else is simply delay of this inevitability.

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