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There ‘is’ only ONE but when many speak of this ONE in a person or human-being they often refer to it as a ‘soul’ … in other cultures - ‘Atman’ [and many other names]. I refer to this as the slumbering God-SELF, the only Reality that only ‘seems’ to define God [spirit] - ‘individuated’. The body and mind that appear to ‘contain and confine’ this Truth are ‘constructs’ … thoughts held in Attention and appearing to have a continuous [but temporary] reality, as are all manifestations where a consistent focused thought is held in place by one or many on some ‘thing’ or some ‘experience’. A memory of a person long passed for example, is much like this and can keep them in a kind of suspended ‘life’ as a legacy … “She/he is remembered by millions as a terrible dictator or as a great philanthropist, etc.

All of these manifestations are ‘fictions’ thought into existence briefly as long as some semblance of the thought energy about them remains. There are ancient civilizations virtually unknown today due to the ‘disappearance’ of the thought energy about them that has faded away. Such is the changing and temporary nature of the grand dream. The God-SELF is that aspect of the ONE God – I AM [undivided] that, for a season, ‘forgets’ Who IT Really Is in order to fully experience the grand dream. IT lingers in the dream through eons of clock time and a multitude of incarnations taking on layer after layer of conditioning, some of which defines its human projection within each new body it wears. Finally, totally satiated with dreaming IT shifts ITs Attention from ‘out there’ – inward where the ‘fire of Self Discovery/Inquiry’ burns away the illusion IT manifested for IT's worldly adventure … and Awakens [fully] to the Awareness of the God IT Is.

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