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When one shifts their attention ‘from’ actively participating in the Grand Dream, that is

… unconsciously ‘and’ consciously focusing on expanding more and more dream manifestations and experiences, and calling it reality

… IF they have spent much time and research into so-called ‘spiritual seeking’ … often - ‘spiritual bypassing’ occurs. This means that the conditioning that is the cause behind one’s unique dream experience, is often ‘jumped’ over due to their ‘awareness’ that what is being experienced is an illusion. “I know none of this is real, so I am not going to give it my attention”, is a common statement by those who spiritually bypass. What occurs is that the ‘triggers’ that arise from the ‘mirrors’ that expose one’s conditioning in their dream-world-experience - are IGNORED. “I don’t need or want to look at this or that”, is the feeling.

Conditioning represents the ‘clouds’ that hide the sun [metaphorically ] of the ONE SELF You [all] Are. They ‘must’ be dissolved or the SELF will only be ‘known about’ but not Truly experienced as Who You Are. Self Inquiry is the direct route in this regard and is lightning fast as it exposes and dissolves the conditioning that is ‘ready’ to be dissolved. Without this constant desolation of these veils, one is fooling themselves and often spends lifetimes in deep but subtle spiritual arrogance and ignorance.

SELF DISCOVERY AND SELF INQUIRY: A Handbook for the Pathless-Path to Freedom

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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