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Spontaneity is the ‘essence’ of Being-in-the-flow of Life. 

It requires total Trust that Life will ‘Live’ you Perfectly in every moment. It says you ‘know’ from deep in your Heart [the God-SELF], not just intellectually that Life is unfolding perfectly no matter ‘how’ it shows up. 

It is an expression of this knowing that you are ‘not’ in the way, ‘not’ demanding, ‘not’ trying to control or yearning for outcomes but see yourself  [you God-SELF] an unattached unicity … an ever changing tapestry within the changeless-ness of Consciousness Awareness expressing and experiencing IT SELF ‘as’ YOU. 

There is no courage required to Live this way because when you Live ‘as’ this Conscious Awareness you are fearless, nothing ‘sticks’ to you,  you have no expectations and you are not trying to promote any identity that is dear to you. 

A world of unexpected, fresh New Life shows up continuously and there is the natural joyful and playful wonder that all new-born life experiences. 

Everything is a ‘first’ when you live spontaneously where no baggage colors each moment. You pick up and discard effortlessly and always a ribbon of Gratitude wraps around each new experience. Nothing is missed that was meant for you and you are always in exactly the right place at the perfect moment … if only for a happy glance with another. 

The tumblers to the vault of Love always fall into place as doors open everywhere for the God you Are to extend IT SELF to the world ‘of’ IT SELF.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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