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Consciousness is actually a ‘body’ used by the UNKNOWABLE to ‘know’ IT SELF. Consciousness has many names and whichever one(s) resonates with you is a focal-point that, if given your constant Attention’ will expand into your moment to moment experience of Being-ness. For many, that name is Love while for others it is Freedom and still for others Joy and so on. I AM Love, I AM Freedom, I AM Joy is the simplicity of this Attention. If the simplicity of this appeals to you the only thing required besides consistent Attention on it is to give the word you choose [which is a vibration] … no further ‘definition’ at all.

For example, if Love feels like your word, immediately the false-self-identity, with its endless repository of tainted information, wants to ‘elaborate’ with words like ‘unconditional’ and ‘Divine’. But it has no understanding of what these additional words really mean. The result is, these personalized elaborations ‘dilute’ your simple declaration. Simply remain SIMPLE – ‘don’t know’ … Consciousness will ‘inform’ you of IT SELF as you stay ‘out-of’ what is unfolding. Life Knows IT SELF … the false self does not.

Clarification: Attention on a 'God-SELF name such as Love or Joy is 'not' the same as meditation on an object to narrow thought to a single point ... this still requires 'mind', which then continues to exist as the false self. Attention on a God-SELF 'aspect' dissolves the mind which has been turned 'inward' toward the Real SELF and in this way the person ceases to exist.

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