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When Sudden Change is upon you, from the microcosm of a lost job, a divorce, financial disaster or a physical challenge, to the macrocosm of global conflict or the type of challenge humanity has experienced for the last 2 years … the false self has a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction that allows it to be ‘easily manipulated’ by mass opinion … it will accept ‘anything ‘to hopefully ease the pain and bring back stability [what it believes is reality]. To the extent that the false self is ‘un-attached’ to outcomes, clarity becomes increasingly possible.

Inevitably however, suffering leads to surrender where humility and vulnerability open the Heart, the True sovereign of Life in the Grand Dream and if this persists, genuine Awareness of what is Real becomes possible.

Humanity has been ‘prepared’ these last many months for SUDDEN CHANGE on a magnitude that transcends anything previously experienced and great opportunity will soon present itself to ‘you’ who ‘allow’ the ‘gentle embrace’ of the Grace that underpins it to draw your attention inward where the Love, Balance and Joy of the impending era of Peace and Light awaits.

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