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Suffering is the catalyst that allows the deep sleep of the SELF, lost in the endless stories and dramas of the Grand Dream, to reach a ‘breaking point’ where illusions are less attractive than Peace. Suffering brings ALL to their knees eventually where the subtle power of ‘humility and vulnerability’ allow the ‘long frozen’ belief in separation to melt. The Love/Light that then gradually enters the Heart, ‘exposes’ the dream as the prison it has been. The ‘journey-without-distance’ to the Awareness of Who You Really Are then unfolds quickly.

There is another aspect of the blessing that suffering is. When the Awakening SELF is exposed to the suffering of others [there really ‘are’ no *others], Compassion expands, allowing the flow of the Love You Are to resume ITs natural expression ‘from’ IT SELF ‘to’ IT SELF. Wherever attention is drawn away from the false self’s endless list of wants and needs toward the loving service of *others … SELF Awareness expands. This can often be an intense experience but breaking the chains of the ignorance that keeps the slumbering God-SELF You Are in the bondage of dreaming usually requires powerful and concentrated shaking … so deep has been the belief in separation.

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