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When one witnesses suffering and loss of any kind, whether with those who are close or far away, it is common to express concern in the form of the desire to ‘lift’ these conditions from those affected. However, there ‘is’ a deep Purpose in ALL that shows up in one’s experience – both the affected and the one witnessing.

Suffering is the primary way that ‘attention’ is triggered, and the Purpose is ‘always’ for the benefit of ‘all’ affected in some way. The conditioning which brought about these experiences is being ‘exposed’ and ‘when’ one is finally aware of this it is a profound blessing and opportunity to ‘clear the clouds’ that block the sun of the Truth – the ONE SELF YOU Are. Taking these experiences ‘away’ from the one’s being blessed [no matter how appropriate that may seem] is often a dis-service to them.

Nevertheless, IF the Purpose ‘in the moment’ is for the ‘relief of suffering’, then that should be pursued since ‘these actions’ are also ‘triggers’ related to the dissolution of conditioning. If you ‘Listen’ within … you will know ‘which is which’. Compassion can be both ‘action’ and ‘inaction’.

“HOW SUFFERING LEADS TO FREEDOM” - The Transition out of Deep Sleep to Liberation

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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