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When everything seems to come together in perfect harmony, without ‘you’ having done anything to orchestrate it … that is synchronicity. It is a moment of experiencing Truth … the way the LIFE You Are experiences IT always, and in All Ways when you are Truly Free. It cannot be planned or contrived … it just is, it just shows up. It is not because you have somehow ‘earned’ it or done something ‘right’ and ‘deserve’ it. The SELF, the Real YOU, does not exist on a scale of ‘deserving or not deserving’ and never has to ‘do’ anything to experience the Perfection IT is.

These kinds of concepts emanate from the delusional body-mind-identity, which is caught in the trap of ‘opposites’, a result of the belief in separation. When you ‘lose yourself’ [meaning the Consciousness Awareness of a false self called ‘you’], in something you Love such as a beloved hobby or a Joy filled activity such as gardening or other creative activities, you are ‘also’ experiencing a moment of Truth … because in that moment … there ‘is’ no you, no false self. Synchronicity is also a moment where the false self is temporarily absent from Consciousness Awareness.

For that moment you are ‘in’ the timeless realm where the Grand Dream you have called reality ceases to exist ‘as’ a reality … you are experiencing the Grand Dream in the ‘way’ the SELF does … the SELF You Are.

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