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“Once the illusion of an individual ‘self or soul’ is seen through, the whole after-life theory collapses” – Ramana

The so-called after-life is also a dream, more subtle than the physical body-mind-identity experience but no less ‘un-real’. Resting in Peace is often spoken of as it relates to one who has recently departed the physical body, but True Peace is NOT possible while one dreams. Peace is another name ‘for’ the SELF – God – Consciousness and as such is Who YOU Really are … NOT something you suddenly acquire when your awareness leaves a temporary disguise within a body. Whatever conditioning still exists when the slumbering God-SELF ‘shuffles off the mortal coil’ … manifests a new dream in this more ethereal dream. Ultimately, that flimsy false identity ‘returns’ to the physical dream for another opportunity to ‘fully’ Awaken to the SELF IT ‘is’ … and that too is a dream [reincarnation].

Nothing is real that has a beginning and an ending. This physical Life dream-experience, no matter ‘how’ it shows up, is the ‘ideal environment’ to return to the full Awareness of Who YOU Really Are. There is no ‘escape’ through this theoretical death-door, ‘’YOU’ … were never born and do not die … only the false identity you call yourself – here or in subtler dreams, dies. This is why ‘dying before you die [pass from this dream]’ is spoken of so often by sages … it is the door-less door to the Peace YOU Are.


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