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The Age of Light/Peace officially began December 21st, 2020 but has been interfacing our solar system for over 100 years. Within the Grand Dream the system entered the Photon Belt in 2012 which heralds a 2000 year phase of neutrality or balance between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine influences. Since then the house of cards dysfunctional masculine patriarchy has been quickly crumbling with evidence of its treachery becoming more and more obvious to all. During 2020 that evidence has been completely in one’s face unless you were a deep sleeper.

Over these last few months the nefarious activities of this collapsing influence has peaked and is totally exposed, the last stage before it slips under the waves of this 2000 year neutral phase of balance. Many are in a state of panic, especially if they have been a part of the dysfunction and many more in deep fear, unaware of the inevitability of the Peace that is quickly embracing the solar system and our earth.

Remember, all this is ‘within’ the Grand Dream and NOT real but most certainly FEELS real until one is Free of the bondage of the false self. Therefore, take heart … ALL IS WELL and very rapidly moving into a glorious phase of Light for all.


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