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Disease is never somehow ‘defeated’. Disease is no more real than the mind that manifested it. Nothing shows up in your personal experience that ‘you’ [not YOU] did not project into it. It is NOT created because only that which is eternal is a True creation … it is only an additional ‘scene’ written into your play of life – just as story. The body/mind are both a part of these projections as are the world, the planets, galaxies and universe(s) … all holographic and very believable stories YOU as the slumbering God-SELF You Are have made up and stepped into to experience.

When illness  shows up in your body, from a hang-nail to a cancer it is a ‘projection’ only [usually below the radar of your awareness] … an amalgam of thoughts co-mingled with a ‘stew’ of your own unique conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications] and designed to get your ‘attention’ so that you will turn within and look at and feel what conditioning is ready to be dissolved. Few, as yet ‘get’ this and instead deal with the illness with a band-aid approach treatment – ‘out there’ rather than inside. This merely shifts the energy to reappear elsewhere in your experience or terminates this particular temporary body you are wearing. It has NOT ‘gone’ anywhere and ‘will’ come again ‘somehow’ until it is gone.

Everything in your world experience is a gentle to shocking ‘tug’ on your ‘attention’ to pull you inside and will NOT leave until you are fully aware of the God You Are. This is the enormous blessing of discord.


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