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When you believe that the world you are experiencing is ‘reality’, you are subject to the consequences of all kinds of made-up beliefs, including:

-karma [cause and effect]


-free will

-destiny [predestination]



-self development

-time and space

-separation … and


These concepts all function ‘within’ the dream the false self [body-mind-identity or person] experiences, and none of them are ‘real’, nor are they really happening because what ‘comes and goes’ is NOT real.

When you [the sleeping God-SELF] … deluded by the conditioning of the false self [attachments, expectations and identifications] attempts to return to the full Awareness of Who YOU Really Are through:


-attempting to get-rid-of mental habit/tendencies

-self development

-time …

You expand the very ‘conditions’ that have kept the Real you in bondage for eons.

Placing your focused, sincere, undivided ATTENTION on the truth … that you are NOW and have always been … [timelessly] SELF Realized/Free, you

-Expand the Awareness ‘of’ Truth, which is the GOD You Are

-the affects of the dream you have been experiencing cease molesting you

-LIVE ‘as’ the unbroken JOY you are … [bliss, ecstasy]

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