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The concept of ‘control’ is paramount in the false self’s agenda to manifest the ideal life. It suggests that one’s world experience ‘can be’ manipulated and is the excuse for all manner of questionable behaviour. So important is control to the false self that its ‘odour’ is present in almost all activities the illusory body-mind-identity participates in. Indeed, the world/universe as the dream it is, ‘is’ moldable through ‘focused thought and passion’ but is always coloured by the ‘conditioning’ one came in with together with the collective conditioning that is currently present.

When one finally makes the NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free and experiences the multitude of triggers that then become available, reflected as they are from the mirror of your life, the issue of ‘control’ is nearly always present as these opportune moments to dissolve the conditioning that manifests the Grand Dream show up. The dream experience is underpinned by ‘guilt, shame, remorse and unworthiness’ and shows up as an unending thread of ‘fear and insecurity’ that weaves through the tapestry of all experience in some way. It is this sense of ‘personal’ control that provides ‘false hope’ that life can somehow be ‘handled’. This is an illusion ALL eventually recognize.

Only ‘total’ Surrender leads the slumbering God-SELF out of this insidious delusion toward the full Awareness of your True Being.

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