Night-time dreams usually end in an instant either jumping into the middle of another dream, taking you into deep dreamless sleep or bringing you back into your body awareness. The waking dream most people call life has a linear continuity, which gives it a feeling of reality. That quality can keep you sleeping soundly for most of your life [lives]. It is not until this convincing façade begins to ‘wobble’ as wave after wave of chaos tears your world back and forth like a rag-doll so that a closer look at the fabric of this deception ‘may’ get your attention.

Now is such a moment in earth’s time-bound history when the chaos is sufficiently ‘insane’ and ‘consistent’ to gain almost global attention and for most that elicits great fear, anger and often combined with erratic and even violent reactions. For many however, a deeper reflection is occurring and taking them ‘inside’ where the only real answers reside.