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The false self sways like a leaf in the wind to every passing influence. It sees a few shift this way or that and with little hesitation joins whatever is trending ... its desire to be accepted and fear of rejection being so great. Those who understand this tendency [themselves false selves] use ‘spaced repetition’ like a mantra or affirmation to add ‘programs’ to the almost saturated conditioned mind of the masses. These puppet-masters in turn are manipulated by maestros of propaganda who shift entire nations [indeed, the majority of humanity] toward whatever clandestine agenda is currently playing on the stage of dreams.

Never has this been more obvious than now as the entire planet obediently follows the dotted lines laid down by the collective false self. A handful here and there who have questioned this status quo, rebel and are instantly reviled by there cohorts and condemned by the authorities. It matters not what the current illusory ‘action-movie’ is that humanity is blindly playing in, this frenzied, fear-filled chaos is shaking the slumbering God-SELF Awake and many are beginning to look for Truth in the only place-less-place it can be found - within, as the Great SHIFT in Consciousness ‘expands’.

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