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Self Discovery [I use this term since Self Inquiry has many interpretations], means exposing that which is NOT real. This may be ‘done’ by paying close Attention to what your world mirrors back to you that triggers you in some way. Then you dive beneath the story/trigger [leaving emotional reactions behind] and go into how it makes you FEEL ‘without’ the story, exposing what is part of what is NOT you [the false self or conditioning]. At first this will feel like a ‘process’ but over ‘time’ it will occur instantaneously each time you are triggered. When the conditioning is gone so is the false self, revealing fully the Real YOU.

For some, simply asking ‘for whom thoughts about this or that are occurring?’ … followed by ‘who am I?’. This too exposes the ‘I’ that is NOT real. Without thoughts, which eventually subside when exposed, the false self ‘I’ sinks into the Heart [Real God-SELF] and the SELF is Realized.

Both ways are simple, requiring only your dedicated vigilance and a NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free. This is the most ‘direct pathless-path’ to Freedom NOW.

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