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The concept of Being ‘nothing’ is terrifying to the false self who is cloaked in layer upon layer of ‘everything’. The false self is the repository of cherished memories … often the badges of suffering are the most precious to it: “Look at what I had to endure to ‘be’ who I am”, it will proclaim. And, its future agenda is filled with ‘hoped for’s’, ‘what if’s’ and ‘maybe’s’, which proudly illustrate its passion for living life to the fullest. The spaces in between are cluttered with endless sound-bytes that allow little opportunity for even a casual glance within, where the danger of the ‘nothing-monster’ resides.

To ‘BE’ nothing is to be to be Free. It is a person-less state even while the body still exists and is ‘empty’ until a need arises … then instantly, whatever is required shows up, be it knowledge or some manifested condition. Being-ness ‘is’ the state of ‘nothing’. It is spacious and yet filled with the potential of ‘All That Is’. It is Perfect without flaws. It is Peace IT SELF. It is eternal without needs and yet full. It cannot be ‘thought’ into existence, only recognized as an ever-Present Reality ‘as’ YOU. Its ‘pull’ upon your Awareness is irresistible even while you [as the false self] seek to ‘add’ more and more to your resume of personal definitions.

This is the Divine Dance of Truth and illusion that YOU, as the God YOU Are chose to experience.

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