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‘Learning’ enhances the false self’s illusion of doer-ship, will-power and the sense of being an individual identity. However, all that ever comes about through the mind and its conditioning is the exchange of one dream for another, or the addition of dreams within a dreams. The false self does ‘nothing’ real. Truth simply ‘is’ and needs nothing to be done ‘to’ IT … for IT to BE.

It is in moments when the false self is ‘out-of-the-way’ that Grace [Love in Action] radiates the Light of Truth ‘through’ the dream, that actual ‘doing seems to appear’. This can happen when the false self is ‘overwhelmed’ by any circumstance … such as deep suffering.

Only through Emptiness are the clouds of illusion removed so that Truth can simply BE. Always, simply surrendering Life ‘to’ Life reveals the effortless unfolding Joy ‘of’ Life.

“THE GREAT SHIFT – Explained”

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