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There are many versions of ‘reality’ within the Grand Dream and these are called ‘opinions’ or ‘perspectives’ based on one’s archive of ‘stored’ information [the past] combined with current events, depending on what one is exposed to. No matter how pristine the nature of the information coming from no matter how credible a source within the dream … it is ‘still’ just a dream – an accumulation of stories and dramas strung together to create a narrative … no different than the fictional stories portrayed in books and on the cinema screen.

The dream cannot tell you what Truth ‘is’ no matter how poignant, flowery, poetic or sublime may be the description. Everything that emanates ‘from’ the dream is from the mind, which is the product of thought, which in turn arises from the original belief in separation … and separation is NOT true – ALL is ONE. Truth cannot be described since IT is infinite and any attempt to describe IT immediately tries to place a frame around what is ‘boundless’. Truth can ONLY be ‘experienced’ and this occurs when thoughts and the mind are ‘STILL’. For this Self Inquiry/Surrender is the direct route.

Self Discovery and Self Inquiry: A Handbook for the Pathless-Path to Freedom

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

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Apr 28, 2022

Thanks John. Much love

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