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To manifest ‘anything’ from an atom to a universe as well as ALL the stories and dramas within a dream … requires CONTRAST. Without light … ‘and’ dark, there can be ‘no’ manifestation.

There is much talk during this transition into an Age of Peace and Light that ‘GOD WINS’. This is the mind, the false self speaking with ‘its’ illusory version of knowledge, which is NOT Truth. These same voices say that darkness is losing and Light is expanding or ‘winning’ … also NOT Truth. Both are simply at various levels of ‘imbalance’.

What occurs during these phases ‘out of’ the predominantly Divine Masculine or Feminine is BALANCE of light ‘and’ dark and this manifests as Peace or Harmony. The God YOU Are is BEFORE ‘any’ manifested dream and ‘knows nothing’ of the concept of WINNING. IT/YOU simply IS and is ‘always’ Perfect, beyond light or dark or energy, which are projections on the screen of Consciousness used to bring about the holographic images IT/YOU play within.

Talk of WINNING and of the triumph of light over dark is ALWAYS about the belief in separation. It is the language of sleepers. A dark(er) dream is simply being replaced by a balanced dream at this moment.


HOW SUFFERING LEADS TO FREEDOM” - The Transition out of Deep Sleep to Liberation - by John McIntosh

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