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The universe, which includes this planet and the one most call ‘me’ is a holographic projection on the screen of Consciousness also known as ONE or I AM. This projection is a ‘dream’ with no reality whatsoever. Without this ‘me [you]’ … there IS no universe. When you are in the dream-less deep sleep state … there IS no universe and there is no ‘you’ as an individual body-mind-identity. Likewise, when you return to full God-SELF Awareness … there ‘is’ no ‘me [you]’.

Currently, this world dream holds an amalgam of appearances for most ‘me’s’, which includes; global warming, species endangerment, wars, economic instability, special interest abuses, instant communication, massive shifts in earth changes, manipulated food resources, exponential population growth and a host of other drama-oriented manifestations. For this ‘majority of humanity’ these ‘stories’ swirling around in the universal/world dream constitutes their ‘reality’ or life. None of them are real or True.

This ‘massive movie’ is completely fabricated out of the thoughts [most of them collective agreements] projected from the mind of separation. It is very easily manipulated by ‘the few’ who understand how this process works [who are also sleeping dreamers]. As a result, the world/universal dream takes a definite course controlled by a very few of these dreaming sleepers. Nevertheless, all of this is predestined and all of it, no matter how dysfunctional it may ‘seem’ is a Perfect ‘crumb-trail’ HOME to the full Conscious Awareness of Who You Really Are.

The ‘fewer still’ that are now yawning Awake [most of these ones believe they are Awakened but are only in the initial stages of this] … know [or suspect] that simply saying YES to ‘What Is’ [surrendering to the Will of the ONE] allows the waking toward ‘full’ Self Realization [Freedom] to flow with the least effort and pain. You too may make this choice if you have not already. This is allowing LIFE TO LIVE YOU.

-image by Solveig Larsen [part -1]

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