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The world is awash in high drama, intrigue and tyranny at this moment. Most of humanity [due to their ‘deep sleep’] is only aware of the significantly increased difficulty in navigating life from day to day. A growing number are becoming aware that ‘something’ is JUST NOT RIGHT with ‘the world picture’ … while another category having done in depth genuine research have studied the enormous highly credible evidence of what has been going on ‘front-and-center’ for almost three years and mostly behind the scenes for over 120 years.

Remember, we are speaking about the ‘narrative’ of a dream … the world is NOT real but within its ‘script’ there ‘is’ a kind of dream-reality.

Even those who have become familiar with the heroes of the story and the game they are playing … do NOT know much of what is going on – only that the darkness is being ‘balanced’ [most would say ‘crushed’, but within the dream of separation there is ‘always’ dark and light].

The important thing [on the surface] to know, is that the ‘End Game’ is assured, and that end is a Happy Dream, which will last for about 2,000 years. These cycles of ‘imbalance’ and ‘relative balance’ [what most would call peace] come and go as long as the ONE SELF dwells [conscious of IT SELF or not] ‘within’ the Grand Dream … and NOTHING can change the outcomes as a new era comes into being as it has been doing for a decade.

You may take some comfort in knowing that no matter what plays out, the Happy Dream IS here now and expanding rapidly.

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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