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You ‘are’ the ever-Present SELF – ‘now’. Seeking IT places IT out in the future where IT does NOT exist. Thinking you are NOT the ONE SELF ‘now’ again places IT at a distance from your experience within the illusion of time and space. This delusion encourages you [when you choose to pursue IT] to seek ways and means to ‘ascend’ out of your current experience [the belief that you are an individual identity called ‘me’] and into what you consider to be a ‘higher consciousness’. This concept pervades virtually all belief systems and religions in some way.

The simple ‘focused attention’ on “I AM”, which is another name for the ONE SELF, is sufficient to gradually eliminate the ‘life’ that you have been giving to the dream that you have called reality and to become increasingly aware of the ONE SELF You Really Are. If Self Inquiry/Surrender is applied to the many ‘triggers’ that will arise from this focused attention, you will very quickly begin to experience the Living Truth as your Reality.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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