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The entire universe is Un-Real and yet as the fantastic fantasy it is, it is an exquisite dream.

The networks of nerves and circulation systems within the human body also appear macrocosmically within Nature, galaxies and the whole universe … all attesting to the unbroken ONE-ness of the manifested projected illusion the God You Are ‘plays’ majestically within. It is when IT ‘resists’ this seamless tapestry and attempts to go ITs own way [as the false self], that chaos, conflict and suffering arises. And yet, seen from the lofty rows of the theater of dreams, even this rebellion against harmonic resonance is an aspect of ITs/Your ONE Presence.

Imbalance offers ‘contrast’ and ‘comparison’ … the sweet to the sour, the dark to the light and the shadows thrown against the screen of Consciousness that even in this agonizing resistance, manifest a ‘beautiful noise’ that only the Free can taste. When UN-Conditioned Love is ‘known’ … not just believed in and spoken about, but ‘Realized’ as ‘Presence’, all discord and lack of harmony slips into the Perfect orchestration of ‘What Is’. The God You Are ‘chose’ to ‘know’ IT SELF in this way. Nothing went wrong … the Grand Dream is unfolding Perfectly. To recognize this brilliant symphony … simply say YES to ‘What Is’.

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