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There is no physical ‘cause’ for anything.

The manifested universe down to the most infinitesimal particle all show up according to a ‘projection’ from the mind on the screen of consciousness. A tiny shift in ‘Attention, Belief and Passion’ can alter worlds and how they play out. The mind itself is ‘also’ a projection and when combined with the belief in separation produces a myriad of new beliefs that sculpt the visible, sensually accessible world each one experiences. Only the SELF ‘as’ ONE is Real and as Pure Consciousness Awareness, everything that seems to be happening is NOT somehow ‘out there’ but … ‘within’ IT.

Believing yourself to be a ‘separated being’ throws you into this swirling hurricane of physical manifestation like a leaf in a storm. When you are fully Aware, this dynamic panorama shows up clearly as the dream it is and ... then, if you choose, you may remain IN it but are never again OF it.

Attempting to influence the storm while you are still in this ‘leaf-awareness’ may shift the winds slightly but the ‘effect’ of the storm-energy will simply show up elsewhere in your life. Only the True Awareness of your ONE-ness places you in the ‘eye of the storm’ where Peace is eternal.

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