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When you step off the wheel of conditioning, the false self has sunk into the SELF from which it sprang and attachment to the grand dream is gone. Echoes from the collective conditioning that still manifest as the world come and go but do not molest you as you watch their antics from the balcony of the great theater. There is a constant ‘sinking deeper into the Heart’ that continues as your Awareness watches the dream become more and more ‘flimsy’ … less held together like the first silent movies with fewer frames per second, making the actors appear in staccato-like movements.

Any concept of the world of dreams being real fades until it becomes almost cartoon-like. Nothing is taken seriously. However, ‘compassion’ grows for the still sleeping aspects of the SELF. These slumbering ones are still so heavily invested in trying to fix the world that they miss opportunities to dive beneath the oh-so important dramas in which they feverishly participate.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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