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In the state of unbroken Freedom [not just Awakening] challenges do not all of a sudden cease … they may even expand since the silent Light of Truth now Realized, which is shining on the Grand Dream, is far Brighter then than all the words and works done by dreamers since the fall of Consciousness into the belief in separation eons ago. This exposes all that is NOT Real. The Free may experience years of transforming baggage … the dissolving of residual conditioning that is no longer being ‘added to’ through attempts to balance karma [conditioning]. Ancient attachments may arise in an attempt to molest and seduce one who is now Free but their neutral response to these illusions returns this conditioning to Source – the SELF … and they are no more.

There is no waffling back and forth between the Grand Dream and Truth with the Free as there is when one has simply had one or more Awakening experiences … conditioning that still clings can no longer sway the Liberated. It is fully recognized as the illusion it is and that one gives no attention to it through ‘resistance’. Eventually, the baggage becomes an echo and then a mere whisper, faint as a wisp of smoke. Vigilance however, is necessary as long as the Free [the SELF] remains in a body.

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