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Updated: Nov 19, 2019


WHAT IS THE GRAND DREAM … and, as a result NOT real?

-Your body

-Your mind

-Your personal identity [person]

-Your entire life experience

-Everything you can sense with your 5 senses … forests, mountains, oceans, cities, buildings, stars, the sun and moon … the entire universe

-Whatever you can sense with psychic abilities

-All made up rules

-All contrast … the beautiful and the ugly

-All competition, conflict and chaos

-Anything manifested by the mind

-All history

-Time and space

-Separation of any kind

… Anything or circumstance that has a beginning and ending from a soap bubble to a universe


-IT does not change and is ‘always’ Present

-IT is boundless and timeless

-IT is Infinite and cannot be described

-IT is Empty, Silent, Still – Nothing

-IT is a blank screen on which ‘all’ that is NOT Real is projected

-IT is Pure Being-ness

-IT may be referred to as ONE, God, I AM, Consciousness, the SELF and many other names

-IT is Who YOU Really Are

-IT cannot be attained, worked for, grown better for or qualified for

-IT can only be ‘revealed’ when who you are NOT [conditioning] is dissolved

SELF INQUIRY is the ‘simple and direct route’ to this Knowing, which is Liberation

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