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The physical manifestation of a person [the false self] can carry a history of what society might call – ‘immorality’ … and yet, before dropping that illusory identity – become Self Realized [Aware of Who they Really Are]. Everyone’s entire manifested experience is oriented and orchestrated around this one ‘Purpose’. No matter how ‘checkered’ their background may have been, it means ‘nothing’ … the elimination of the personal identity and revelation of the Truth [ONE - SELF] is all that matters.

Some have come into the world as avatars from birth and lived a so-called ‘spotless’ life, but most have travelled a very thorny and rocky road that the collective dreamers would judge harshly. Nevertheless, that life experience led them to full Awareness of the God they Are. The dream each one experiences is irrelevant … only Consciousness is of value [beyond even the concept of value].

As the Light expands during the profound spiritual Shift now occurring on the planet and throughout humanity, many will attain their Freedom, but some will first exhibit symptoms of very despicable behavior before the rays of dawn permeate ancient conditioning and bring them Home. ‘All’ are God, in limitless and great disguises … no matter how disgusting some may seem.

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