The spiritual Heart frequently spoken of, is not the physical heart. It refers to the God-SELF or Pure Conscious Awareness … Who You Really Are. Ancient scriptures often point to the right side of the chest as a location for this ‘YOU – Heart’ but this was for the convenience of the ‘mind’ in those much slower energy times that worshipped ‘forms’ such as sacred statues. This gave them a ‘place’ to focus on for their devotion. This practice never led to Realization but was a stepping stone to Self Discovery [Inquiry]. All forms … all manifestation is a projection and eventually comes to an end whether it be a soap bubble or a universe. The God-SELF is eternal and infinite and has no location.

Everything that ‘appears’ is a projection on the screen of consciousness within YOU as the God-SELF. There is nothing ‘outside’ YOU … where most people still seek Truth or Freedom. The Heart therefore is a convenient term interchangeable with many other words that mean the Infinite, Boundless ONE. If it resonates with you when you filter it