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The spiritual Heart frequently spoken of, is not the physical heart. It refers to the God-SELF or Pure Conscious Awareness … Who You Really Are. Ancient scriptures often point to the right side of the chest as a location for this ‘YOU – Heart’ but this was for the convenience of the ‘mind’ in those much slower energy times that worshipped ‘forms’ such as sacred statues. This gave them a ‘place’ to focus on for their devotion. This practice never led to Realization but was a stepping stone to Self Discovery [Inquiry]. All forms … all manifestation is a projection and eventually comes to an end whether it be a soap bubble or a universe. The God-SELF is eternal and infinite and has no location.

Everything that ‘appears’ is a projection on the screen of consciousness within YOU as the God-SELF. There is nothing ‘outside’ YOU … where most people still seek Truth or Freedom. The Heart therefore is a convenient term interchangeable with many other words that mean the Infinite, Boundless ONE. If it resonates with you when you filter it through the lens of Joy to use the Heart for the God-SELF, then for now that is for you. The ‘only’ thing that matters is your return to the Awareness of the ONE God You Are.

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