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The false self loves to promote the ‘ideal world’ with such statements as: ‘a dream come true’ and ‘let yourself dream of a better world’ suggesting that through dreaming, imagining, projecting and visualization you can create a wonderful world of peace and happiness. This is very easy to ‘buy in to’ and many millions of well-meaning beings do so as they devote their lives to trying to ‘make things happen’ that will ‘change’ the world and humanity’s life experience for the better.

This is and has always been a dog chasing its tail. ‘Everything’ that comes into manifestation does so because of ‘the belief in separation’. A time and space ‘from here to there’ phenomena, is necessary for any manifestation to occur. Separation, by its fundamental nature is the original cause behind ALL fear with the ‘thoughts’ about not enough to go around, suspicion of others [so-called], self preservation-safety-security, body-mind comforts and a host of other concerns. Whatever, the mind imagines, and projects is therefore always ‘tainted’ with these underlying stresses and the passion given to that focus manifests a precise ‘mirror’ of them, which is ‘the dream plus conflict, chaos and confusion’.

Only the full Awareness of the ONE-SELF You Are, produces the experience of the Perfection that lies ‘beneath’ what the world ‘appears’ to be. Focusing on anything less, brings about ‘more’ of what you are trying to change.


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