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The false self body-mind-identity believes there is a sliding scale of control depending on how well it is associated with many things. Family status, education, sex, religious affiliation, special clubs and associations, awards, achievements, well connected friends and associates, wealth, influence, physical appearance, health and special abilities … are just a few. The sense of ‘doer-ship’ lies behind this urge to ‘control’ and doer-ship is based on the belief that you are an individual person together with the constantly simmering fear that underpins this.

Control is a fickle lover demanding an enormous range of compromises and what control the false self believes it has can dissolve in an instant. No matter how great the phantom control one may possess and what it may seem to manifest in the grand dream, Real Peace, Love and Joy will always elude them with the ‘fear of loss’ always lurking beneath the surface. The conditioning, the child of the belief in separation, which defines the false self, robs its illusionary existence of ‘anything’ Real.

A huge weight is lifted from the one who totally surrenders ALL control. However, to the false self surrender is terrifying because it involves being vulnerable and spontaneous while embracing the Unknown. This draws the false self close to the edge of annihilation, which is the greatest fear there is … the loss of the personal identity. When this choice is made the slumbering God-SELF begins to quickly emerge from behind the conditioning that has shackled it to a life of limitation.

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