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‘Deserving’ [or NOT] to ‘have, be or get’ this or that based on what one has done [or NOT done], is a very popular delusion. Self development systems, religions, spiritual groups, psychological beliefs … virtually everyone, believes this.

The accumulation of ‘merit points’ for good deeds are touted as the ‘entrance pass’ to various definitions of something called ‘heaven’, and if one is ‘short’ a few ‘beans’ – the opposite - ‘hell’. Billions have bought into this nonsense for eons and designed their lives and behaviours around this grand delusion.

The question is: “Who is it that is worthy [or NOT]?” For most, the answer is ‘me’ … this body-mind-identity called ‘me’. The idea that this entity is a ‘fiction’ is beyond its tiny awareness.

There ‘is’ only the ONE SELF and YOU Are IT. IT is ‘Whole’ with no divisions of any kind [ONE is always – ONE]. IT is Perfect, with no concept of ‘less than’. IT cannot be somehow ‘attained’ though something called ‘evolution’ … IT ‘is’ always and never is NOT the Real YOU.

You have simply forgotten due to the persistent attention on dreams. When all dreams have been satiated and this false self ‘me’ has dissolved, the self evident YOU Who ‘is’ WORTHINESS It Self, will return to your Awareness.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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Thank you so much for reminding us by writing our “false” self.

Since the true self must know and doees’nt care.

I love your writings and I guess these kind of witings are for that who are awaken into “both “

Mich love,


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