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Thought produces what it is focused upon … IF that attention is ‘consistent’ and ‘passionate’. This is why ‘most’ dreams [goals, targets, objectives] do NOT come into being. Most thoughts are ‘ephemeral’, ‘intermittent’ whims. Even when passionate, focused dreams are focused upon and manifestation does come about, one’s conditioning ‘taints’ the ‘dreams-come-true’ and the expected Joy and fulfilment that is the ‘real’ objective ‘beneath’ the surface, is neutralized or at best diluted significantly.

JOY is Who YOU Really Are, NOT what can be attained by DOING something. IT shows up ‘spontaneously’ when the clouds of conditioning have been dissolved.

In this lifetime ‘I’ [meaning the false self called John], rose to the top of what the world calls success. Beneath the ‘focused attention’ that brought that about [in the Grand Dream], was the real objective – the desire to be ‘seen’. As a child I felt invisible, useless and unseen and that feeling sculpted the architecture of a dream to ‘remedy’ that deep angst and suffering. However, when achieved the Joy of the ‘recognition’ I received still escaped ‘me’ [the illusory body-mind-identity] because I had ‘acquired’ it from ‘outside’ within the delusion of the dream world most call reality.

This painful BLESSING brought me to my knees, and I turned ‘within’. Thirteen years later I crossed the bridge into genuine Freedom [the Joy, Love, Peace, Abundance, Beauty I AM (ALL Are)] because my ‘focused attention’ had SHIFTED toward Truth. This is one’s ‘only’ Purpose until it occurs and is the predestined ‘journey without distance’ for ALL.

From MAGICIAN to MASTER: The Creator’s Formula - Making Your Dreams Come True

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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