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When circumstances occur such as natural disasters, mutual suffering and as is currently occurring … a global pandemic, there is a natural tendency to ‘pull together’ in a temporary comradery where differences are put aside for the common good. While this ‘does’ tend to briefly neutralize the conflict, which emanates from the Grand Dream that the belief in separation produced … it does ‘not’ bring one to the Awareness of the Truth – the ONE ‘SELF’ YOU ARE.

What unfolds is an ‘opportunity’ that more easily facilitates the ‘inner work’ of dissolving the conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications] that has manifested the illusory false self most call ‘me’. This is a fiery task, which no amount of fuzzy, warm, feigned kumbaya will bring about. Each one must “stand in the fire of who they are NOT” in order for the ever-Present SELF to be revealed.

It is very attractive to let one’s guard down, join hands in gratitude and express the suppressed feelings related to the Love that has lingered in the shadows for eons, and while this is a wonderful experience … it ‘will not’ last. Those defenses [conditioning] still exist and ‘will’ return when circumstances are more balanced [in the highly limited perspective of the false self]. The SELF has opened these opportunities to IT’s slumbering SELF [usually through conflict, chaos and suffering] to turn ‘attention’ inward where Truth resides. It is for you then to take the dive off the cliff of limitation into the Unknown … the SELF is there.


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